Agilent G6495C Triple Quad w/ 1260 LC, Peak 3010, UPS, PromoChrom SPE

Refurbished PFAS-ready Agilent G6495C Triple Quadrupole with Agilent 1260 LC System, Peak 3010 Generator, UPS, and PromoChrom Solid Phase Extraction System.

Item Number: 2286

Agilent Technologies


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  • Agilent G6495C Triple Quad LC/MS System (PFAS-Ready)
    • G6495C LC/QQQ with iFunnel Source
    • G7112B 1260 Infinity II Binary Pump with Built in Degasser and Solvent Selection Valve (031)
    • G7129A 1260 Infinity II Vialsampler with Thermostat (101)
    • G7116A 1260 Infinity II Multicolumn Thermostatted Column Compartment with (5067-4279) 2pos/12pt micro valve head 800 bar
    • MassHunter Software and PC
  • Peak 3010 Nitrogen Generator
  • PowerVar 22052-63R UPS
  • PromoChrom Solid Phase Extraction
    • SPE-03 8-channel Automated SPE System
    • Mod 4, Automated rinsing of 250 ml bottles
  • Extended Warranty
  • Installation & Familiarization
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Agilent G6495C Triple Quad w/ 1260 LC, Peak 3010, UPS, PromoChrom SPE

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