Frontier EGA/PY-3030D Multi-Shot Pyrolyzer

Frontier Laboratories Multi-Shot Pyrolyzer (EGA/PY-3030D) for AC110V -- Export model, 110VAC.

Item Number: 1593

Frontier Laboratories


Serial Number:



  • Frontier 3030D Multi-Shot Pyrolyzer (EGA/PY-3030D) for AC 110V
  • PY1-3018A Quartz Pyrolysis Tube A3030
  • PY1-1274 ITF Needle Set N
  • PY1-7911 Graphite Vespel Ferrule
  • PY1-7612 Cooling Gas Tube
  • PY1-7613 Cooling Gas Tube (with restrictor)
  • PY1-6111 Remote Signal Cable 3030A78
  • PY1-3513 Interface Union N
  • PY1-3553 Septum Nut Set 3030A
  • Frontier Control software
  • Install kit for Agilent GC (6890, 7890, 8890)
  • Alternative GC install kit can be purchased for an additional fee
  • Installation and familiarization
  • Extended warranty

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Frontier EGA/PY-3030D Multi-Shot Pyrolyzer

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